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Our Policies

Referral To A Specialist

We do most general dental procedures in our office; however, we may refer you to a specialist for certain procedures. A dental specialist is a dentist who have completed further schooling after dental school in a specific area of dentistry. We work closely with the specialists to provide you the best care and to follow up with your treatment when they have completed their portion. Bloomington Family Dental works as a team with all of the excellent specialists in the area.

Infection Control

We are absolutely committed to intensive continuing education by which we remain current, informed and capable of state-of-the art patient protection.

Warranty For Work

At Bloomington Family Dental. we strive for perfection and satisfaction, we is why we are happy to provide you with a five-year limited warranty for our work. Let us remember that in today's technology almost everything we have learned is on the preventative side. You can prevent most of all or all disease if you spend four minutes in the morning and four minutes in the evening doing the oral hygiene prescribed to you by the dentist and by the hygienist and by regular professional cleanings which include a thorough exam and necessary x-rays for diagnosis. Our warranties are null and void if you do not maintain your six month continuing care cleaning appointments.  

Thank you for choosing us as your oral health care provider.

We are always striving for excellent service. Please let us know if there is something that we can do to make your visit here more enjoyable.